Rose Gold Gift Set: Artisan Soy Sauce & Flower Moon Cake

Artissan Soys combined with flower moon cake
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✥ Rose Gold Gift Box Size: 24X17X6 CM

✥ Exquisite Exclusive Paper Bag x1

✥ Artisan Soy Sauce 50ml x 3

✥ Moon Cake( assorted) 45g / each, total 5 pieces

|Artisan Soy Sauce Gift set|

● Artisan Black Bean Sauce :  Selected black beans fermented without any chemical additives or caramel color, with natural amber color and lingering original flavor. 

● Non-GMO Soy Sauce : Carefully selected non-GMO yellow soybeans, with rich aroma, fully fermented in pottery jars for over 180 days, 

● Soy Sauce Paste:  Using soy sauce, combined with naturally milled glutinous rice


● Pumpkin Cheddar Chrysanthemum Pastry: Flavored with fermented black bean sauce, creating a rich and slightly salty aroma.

● Roselle Cranberry Chrysanthemum Pastry: Carefully selected roselle flower from Pingtung farmers, blended with cranberry, creating a sweet and not cloying golden ratio, refreshing and not overly sweet.

● Shizuoka Matcha Red Bean Chrysanthemum Pastry: Using Japanese Shizuoka matcha combined with Wan Dan red bean paste, creating a rich matcha fragrance with a subtle red bean aroma, leaving an endless aftertaste.

● Taro Chrysanthemum Pastry: Delicious taro flavor with a sweet and dense texture, exuding a rich aroma.

▨ Pastry Size:

Diameter approximately 6.5-7CM

hickness approximately 1-2 cm

▨ Serving Suggestion: Bake at around 110 degrees Celsius for 5-8 minutes for a richer and crispier taste. The filling will melt in your mouth.

▨ Product Highlights

✅ No preservatives

✅ No chemical additives

✅ Pastries are suitable for lacto-vegetarians

✅ The cheddar chrysanthemum pastry is flavored with fermented black bean sauce

✅ Handcrafted in Taiwan


Shelf Life of Soy Sauce: 1 year

Shelf Life of Pastries: 30 days from the manufacturing date, 13 days after receipt of goods

|Notes| The soy sauce paste is made by blending natural glutinous rice, and Taiwan's weather is relatively unstable, making it prone to turning sour. Therefore, benzoic acid (preservative) is added to the cream. The content is within the food standard specifications and can be eliminated by the human body without causing any harm.



✥ Ingredients:

@ Small Fermented Sauce Travel Gift Box

Handcrafted Black Bean Sauce: Black beans, water, sugar, sea salt.

Handcrafted Yellow Soy Sauce: Non-GMO yellow soybeans, water, sugar, sea salt.

Handcrafted Soy Sauce Cream: Non-GMO yellow soybeans, black beans, water, sugar, sea salt, glutinous rice, benzoic acid (preservative).

@ Pastries Ingredients:

▨ Flavors: Random assortment of four flavors, 5 pieces, 45g/piece. Roselle Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, roselle filling, eggs, red yeast rice powder, beetroot, white sesame.

Pumpkin Cheddar Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, cheddar cheese filling, eggs, Mu Chao fermented soybean sauce, cheese powder, red pepper powder, cheese powder, pumpkin powder, cream, black sesame.

Matcha Red Bean Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, Japanese Shizuoka matcha powder, eggs, red bean paste, white sesame.

Taro Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, salt, flour, Dajia taro, white bean paste, eggs, purple sweet potato powder.

Shelf Life of Chrysanthemum Pastries: 30 days from the manufacturing date, 13 days after receipt of goods.

Shelf Life of Small Fermented Sauce: 1 year from the manufacturing date.


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