Rose Gold Gift Set: Cacao Tea &. Flower Moon Cake

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✥ Rose Gold Gift Box Dimensions: 24X17X6 CM

✥ Exquisite Exclusive Paper Bag x 1

✥ Cocoa Tea Gift Box, 6 pc per box (mix flavors)

✥ Flower Moon Cake: 45 G x 5 ps

✤Original Cocoa: Bitter with a special cocoa aroma.

✤Chrysanthemum Cocoa: Cocoa beans infused with the fragrance of chrysanthemum, as if immersed in a sea of flowers.

.✤Floral & Fruity Cocoa: Pure natural cocoa beans combined with dried apples and peaches, exuding a delightful summer sweetness. 

✤Cocoa Ruby: Carefully selected Sun Moon Lake Ruby Red Tea combined in perfect proportion with cocoa. A tea with a sweet and fragrant taste and a round and substantial mouthfeel. The blend incorporates the renowned Ruby Red Tea of the tea world, with natural hints of cinnamon and mint upon the first sip and a touch of cocoa nut acidity in the aftertaste. 

✥Flower Moon Cake (Assorted Flavours) 45g / piece, total of 5 pieces

● Pumpkin and Cheddar Pastry: Infused with brewed black bean soy sauce, this pumpkin and cheddar flavor boasts a richer and less salty aroma.

● Hibiscus and Cranberry Pastry: A delightful blend of selected hibiscus flowers from Pingtung farmers and cranberry, creating a sweet and non-greasy golden ratio for a refreshing taste.

● Shizuoka Matcha and Red Bean Pastry: Combining Japanese Shizuoka matcha with Wan Dan red bean filling, it delivers a rich matcha aroma with a hint of red bean fragrance, leaving an endless aftertaste.

● Taro Pastry: Sweet and dense Dajia taro, full of rich aroma.

▨ Pastry Size: Approximately 6.5CM in diameter, 1-2 centimeters thick

▨ Serving Tips: Bake at around 110 degrees Celsius for 5-8 minutes for a richer flavor, crispy crust, and a melting filling.

▨ Product Features

✅ No preservatives

✅ No chemical additives

✅ suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarian

 ✅ Cheese-flavored pastries made with brewed black bean soy sauce.

✅ Handmade in Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

Shelf Life: 210~ 365 days from the manufacturing date from the manufacturing date.

Pastry Shelf Life: 30 days from the manufacturing date.




◈ Cocoa Tea Gift Box: Vegan Original Cocoa / Chrysanthemum Cocoa / Floral & Fruity Cocoa / Cocoa Ruby (Assorted) 4g x 6 packs

◈ Pastry (Assorted) 45g x 5 pieces Size: Diameter approximately 6.5CM, height approximately 2CM

◈ Gift Box Size: 24 X 17 X 6 CM

◈ Paper Bag x 1


◈ Cocoa Tea:

Original Cocoa: Cocoa nuts, cocoa shells

Chrysanthemum Cocoa: Cocoa nuts, cocoa shells, chrysanthemum

Floral & Fruity Cocoa: Cocoa nuts, cocoa shells, assorted dried fruits

Cocoa Ruby: Cocoa nuts, cocoa shells, Ruby Red Tea

@Ingredients of the pastry:

▨Flavors: Assorted, 5 pieces per flavor, 45g per piece

Hibiscus Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, hibiscus filling, eggs, red yeast rice powder, beetroot, white sesame seeds.

Pumpkin and Cheddar Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, cheddar filling, eggs, brewed black bean soy sauce, cheese powder, red pepper powder, cheese powder, pumpkin powder, cream, black sesame seeds.

Matcha and Red Bean Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, flour, Japanese Shizuoka matcha powder, eggs, red bean filling, white sesame seeds.

Taro Chrysanthemum Pastry: Imported cream, sugar, salt, flour, Dajia taro, white bean paste, eggs, purple sweet potato powder.

Shelf Life of Flower Moon Cake : 30 days from the manufacturing date.



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