Handcrafted naturally brewed.Black Soy Sauce 300ML

100% additive-free, made in Taiwan with traditional craftsmanship. Brewed using ancient methods, exposed to the sun during the day and dew at night, our soy sauce is crafted with pure dedication.
Taiwan Artisan Gluten-Free Soy Sauce
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Representing nature, heritage, and the warm nostalgic flavor, our artisan soy sauce is 100% locally made in Taiwan using traditional methods, crafted with whole black soybeans.

Production Process:

Our soy sauce goes through a meticulous ten-step process. It begins with high-pressure steaming, followed by koji production, koji washing, salt mixing, and the fermentation process in clay vats, where it undergoes natural exposure for 120 days. Afterward, the sauce is pressed, boiled, seasoned, bottled, and finally sterilization.

【Open Vat Fermentation】


【120 Days of Sun-Exposure Fermentation in Clay Vats】

Artisan Black Soy Bean Sauce: Selected premium black soy beans, dry-fermented for 120 days with natural exposure to the sun and dew at night. It contains non-chemical additives, caramel coloring, or sweeteners. This soy sauce showcases a natural amber color and a lingering, mellow umami taste that leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. With a subtle balance of saltiness and sweetness, it is suitable for pairing with any dish.

Particularly suitable for delicate Hong Kong-style cuisine

|Product Features|

★ 100% Taiwanese artisanal craftsmanship, traditional dried-fermentation with whole black soybeans

★ Complete fermentation with whole soybeans with using defatted soybean flakes

★ Process: High-pressure steaming, koji production, koji washing, salt mixing, natural fermentation in clay vats with sun exposure for 120 days, followed by pressing, boiling, seasoning, bottling, and sterilization

★ Color: Natural amber color of soy sauce

★ Flavor: Rich and mellow with a lingering bean aroma

★ No artificial colorings, preservatives, caramel coloring, or sweeteners added

★ Total nitrogen content meets CNS Grade A soy sauce standards, above 1.2g/100ml

★ Pure fermentation for over 120 days, without the addition of sweeteners or preservatives

★ Suitable for dipping, drizzling, stir-frying, especially ideal for delicate Hong Kong-style cuisine


Storage: The ingredients of this product have passed 380 pesticide residue tests and contain no preservatives, caramel coloring, or artificial additives. Please refrigerate after opening

Origin/Manufacturing: Handcrafted in Taiwan

Shelf Life: 1 year

Suitable for vegans 

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Ingredients: Handcrafted Black Bean Soy Sauce: Premium Black Soy Beans, Taiwan brown sugar, sea salt, water

Specifications: 300ML/bottle, available in single bottle, set of three, or set of six combinations.


Delivery/Store Pickup:

Packaged in glass bottles, we recommend delivery for a safer option.



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