Artisan Rice Cracker ( 1pc/pack)

Roasted and salted nuts with pop rice coated in artisan fermented soy sauce
Rice Crackers Coated in Artisan Soy Sauce
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▨ Product Features: 
★ aromatic character and agreeable taste of Maltose
★ Natural & Healthy with no preservatives and artificial additives 
★ Handmade rice crackers 
★ Unique fermented soy sauce flavour using Munian black soy bean sauce and soy sauce 

▨Specification : 10-12 g / pc ; 
dimension: diameter around 5cm ;  thickness around 1.8-2cm 
packaging: 1pc/ small pack 

▨ Flavours : Artisan Black soy bean sauce/ Artisan soy sauce/ mocha / Monascus & cranberry 

▨Customising needs: Please PM us first 
*Over 200 pcs, we can provide free customised stickers if needed, yet the file has to be provided by the customers. 
*best before date:60 days after the production date




Rice Crackers : 10-12G/Pc   Diameter: 4.5-5CM;  Thickness: 1.8-2CM 1pc/ pack  

@Ingredients : 


Black bean soy sauce: maltose, trehalose, sugar, seaweed, Munian black bean soy sauce, corn flakes, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pop rice 
Soy sauce: maltose, trehalose, sugar, seven-flavored powder, Munian soy sauce, corn flakes, pumpkin seeds, pop rice
Motcha Flavors: Maltose, Trehalose, Sugar, Matcha Powder, Corn Flakes, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Pop rice
Monascus & cranberry: malt, trehalose, sugar, rose petals, red yeast rice powder, cranberry, corn flakes, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pop rice 

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