Yu He Pao Litchi Honey 50G |100% Pure Honey

Cooperated with Local Farms, this pure honey contains the unique pleasant taste
承載美好祝福 蘊藏甜蜜喜悅
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「小閨蜜」玉荷包荔枝蜜 承載美好祝福  蘊藏甜蜜喜悅 

Muzhao cooperates with the local farms to develope the 100% pure litchi honey containing the uniqute pleasant taste different from other ordinary honey.  In addition, it has the meaning " meant to bee," which is suitable for the wedding scenario as a special gift for the customers.  


|Product features| 
★ 100% made in Taiwan with the pure nectar source 
★ qualification of CNS1305 
★ optimum water content: under. 20%, comformed to the national assessment

★ Unique and pleasant taste,light and flavourful with slightly sour taste in the end
★ suitable for bread, cheese and honey water
| specification | 
★ designed smail gift box 
★ weight: 50G 
★ size of the gift box : 5X 5.3X 5CM

| notice of custimisation | Please PM us first 

  • Over 200 pcs, we can provide free customised stickers if needed, yet the file has to be provided by the customers. 
  • best before date:2 years after the production date

fewer than 200 pcs, there will be NTD 600 excharge. 

50pcs set 


content: 100% Pure Honey

spec: 50G/ PC 


In-store Pickup / Delivery 

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